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Here at BB Motor Factors we can supply and professionally fit a towbar to virtually any vehicle, ranging from your average family hatchback to high performance sports cars, classics and imported vehicles. We also cater for light commercial vehicles from small vans right up to twin axle motor homes.

We are Warrington’s only approved Witter dealer and fitting centre, our details can be found on their web site where you can also book in your vehicle to have a towbar fitted using Witter’s own online dealer web-fit service.

Why not give us a call for a competitive quote on having a towbar fitted to your vehicle today!

In addition to being Warrington’s only factory approved WITTER Tow Bar stockist, we also supply & fit BOSAL, BRINK, WESTFALIA, A1, ANKER & WATLING tow bars.

For newer vehicles with the latest CAN BUS wiring we have all the answers with our micro processor “smart relays” ensuring a trouble free fitting job.

A quality fitting by our Lucas trained auto electrician and tow bar fitter with over 30 years experience between them will make sure that your vehicle and it’s tow bar have a long and trouble free life together.
There is no “ quick fix “ in our workshop and the good old troublesome blue scotchlok connectors are outlawed by our auto electrician, as he only uses the tried and tested soldering iron.


Click on the links for the Towbar Makes:
Witter  ¦   Bosal  ¦  Brink  ¦  Westfalia  ¦  A1  ¦   Anker  ¦  Watling
Flange  ¦   Swan Neck  ¦  Detachable




Since it was founded over half a century ago, Witter Towbars has consistently set the standard for quality, reliability, and value for money. The company was formed in 1950 by Colin Witter, who saw an opportunity to meet the growing demand for easy-to-fit towing brackets from caravan and trailer owners who were benefiting from the increased leisure time enjoyed by post-war Britain.

It was his vision that led to the creation of Witter Towbars, the UK's leading towbar manufacturer. Today, thanks to continuous investment, the Witter name is synonymous with the highest standards of design, quality, safety and security for motorists and road users. From its modern headquarters on Deeside, North Wales, the company supplies a complete range of towbars and accessories through a helpful nationwide network of specialist stockist's and fitters,
(BB Motor Factors).

Witter's complete range of towing products are designed for today's modern lifestyles - from straightforward towbars to award-winning cycle carriers that provide a practical, safe and easy-fit solution to the problem of transporting bikes on vehicles. Witter have an innovative approach, which is shaping the direction of towbar design and development throughout Europe.

Using the latest 3D CAD systems, Witter design products to fit all major vehicle manufacturers' specified attachment points. Their towbars are manufactured from high strength structural steel plate, tube and section material and shaped into components using the very latest production techniques and processes.

Every Witter towbar is covered by our Shield of Safely, a symbol of quality, backed by a genuine lifetime guarantee. This is made possible through our continuing investment in skills, technology and quality systems. We are totally committed to quality and have full accreditation as a Quality Assured Company, ensuring that Witter towbars continue to occupy a place at the forefront of engineering excellence.




Established in 1923 in Alkmaar, the Bosal Group is Dutch registered, headquartered in Lummen, Belgium. The annual turnover in 2007 was in excess of € 985 million. The Bosal Group employs over 7,000 people in 43 manufacturing plants and 27 distribution centres. Bosal´s customer base includes all major car manufacturers worldwide as well as a variety of leading industrial conglomerates.

The Bosal-Oris joint venture delivers a full spectrum of towbars for the global market, from the most innovative discreet systems to straightforward, durable designs. As one of the largest manufacturers in the industry, Bosal-Oris supplies numerous European automobile companies with high specification retractable, detachable and fixed towbars.

Bosal-Oris was also the pioneer of the retractable towbar system and was the first to supply these units directly to the production lines of the global manufacturers.




Brink towbars offers the following products firstly the removable towbar systems this is becoming a top seller as more and more style is related to the rear of the motor car and lets face it no one wants to spoil your good looking new car brink have being manufacturing this removable towbar for over 30 years this is made to exacting standards and comes in 3 design ranges the brinkmatic advance, brinkmatic mirage, and brinkmatic classic ease of use good looks and safety are the key points.

The swan neck and fixed 2 bolt flange ball towbars are equally popular throughout the towbar industry brink towbars are the worlds largest manufacture of towbars and a few reasons why are listed infact 31 reasons are listed supplied as original equipment to jaguar Volkswagen etc etc etc.




Having manufactured more than 12 million towbars for use with cars and light commercial vehicles, WESTFALIA is one of the leading manufacturers of towbars across the world. Towbars from WESTFALIA are specially developed in cooperation with the automobile industry for various models of automobiles. Hence, WESTFALIA can guarantee a high degree of precision and quality, as well as rapid and simple assembly. All trailer towbars are protected against environmental influences, especially the effects of weather, by means of cathodic dip-coating (KTL coating). Of course all WESTFALIA towbars are EC-approved.




Towbar Guarantee
All towbars for light passenger vehicles (manufactured after 1998) are designed, tested and certified to 94/20 EC Type Approval Standard.

All towbars manufactured by A1 come with a full lifetime guarantee for the original vehicle to which the towbar was fitted*.
*(Subject to Terms & Conditions)

Paint Finish
All A1 Towbars are finished using an anti corrosive primer. To maximise the appearance of your towbar and minimise corrosion, we recommend that you regularly inspect and repaint it especially in exposed areas.




The origins of Anker go back some 40 years, with the owners of Anker operating the company that made York Towbars. Following the sale of that business in late 1982 Anker started in January 1983.

Originally Anker operated from less than 2000 square feet. We have grown progressively and now occupy a purpose built complex of buildings of some 14000 square feet, on the original site.

During this period we have purchased Towbars Ltd (the true original towbar company), the assets of Bumper to Bumper Ltd and recently the designs and rights of York towbars.

Anker is now a substantial player in the UK market. It has become the towbar of choice for both the motor trade and towbar fitting organisations.

Ankers range is straight forward and covers the bulk of cars and light commercials on the road today. Ankers philosophy is primarily to make the bars as easy as possible to fit, with as little bumper cutting and removal as possible. All Anker bars are typical British towbars made for the standard bolt on ball.

All Anker Towbars are guaranteed for the life time of the vehicle to which it was originally fitted. Al bolts must be re-torqued after 500 towing miles and thereafter annually. All towbars are immersion painted in a high quality matt black primer.

All Anker towbars are designed and guaranteed for the maximum loads permitted for the vehicle as specified by the manufacturer of that vehicle. The fitting and use of an Anker towbar does not affect the vehicles manufacturers warrantee in any way

Full fitting instructions are supplied with every bar, including contents list, simple instructions, exploded diagram, a general fitting instruction guide and a telephone help number.




Watling Engineers has been producing and supplying quality towing products for over 50 years.

Watling manufacture the worlds widest ranging production list of towing brackets with designs for cars, commercial vehicles, motor bikes and motor homes. If you find that your vehicle is not listed we can source items from the other major towbar manufacturers, or for the more unusual vehicles we offer a bespoke design and fit service.

Watling produce what is possibly the largest selection of towbars to be found anywhere in the UK. Watlings range of items spans from 1950s classics to the latest SUV's and Pick-Ups.

As well as being able to cater for almost every modern vehicle on the market, Watlings huge back catalogue of towbars means we are able to cater for the more unusual vehicles that are on the roads. A quick glance through the list and you will find items for sports cars like the Audi Quattro, BMW M5 and the Jaguar XK8, workhorses like the Ford Transit and the LDV Convoy and classic cars like the Austin A40, the MGB GT, and the Rolls Royce Silver Spirit (well how else are you going to get your hot air balloon to the show).

If your vehicle is not listed in we can usually do a special design for you. Please give us a call to talk through your specific requirements.

Watling Engineers can design and manufacture special towing bracket for your classic car.

From modern classics like the MGB to early classics like this VW Split Screen Camper van. Please contact our technical department for further information and a quote.




The standard type of towbar in the UK is the flange towbar, (in most cases the two-bolt flange.) This is the type of towbar that been available in the UK for many decades. Perhaps the best known make of flange towbars is Witter, the UK's largest towbar manufacturer.

With a flange towbar a separate towball is bolted onto the towbar via bolts on each side (normally one on either side). This system allows different types of towball to be fitted. The most popular is the standard towball, however long reach towballs are now becoming popular for caravans with a integral stabiliser such as the AL-KO system. Also many commercial vehicles also fit a combination pin, ball and jaw to allow, for example the towing of site generators which have a towing ring rather than a convention hitch.

The flange system also allows for accessories to be fitted between the towbar and the towball, these include stabilisers (such as the Bulldog or Snakemaster), cycle carriers, tow steps or bumper protector plates.

Important Note - Towballs
When buying a two bolt flange towbar the towball is not normally included. This is because of the different variants of towballs (ball, pin and jaw or long reach towballs etc) available. It is for this reason that Witter, Tow-Trust, PCT etc do not supply a towball with the towbar.

Also many people choice to use a towball that they have taken from their old car. A standard towball is just £4.50.

There a number of different variants of towball/coupling available but for most people all that is required is the standard 50 mm Towball. Please note that an EC type approved towball is needed for cars registered from August 1998 ('S' reg) onwards.



Swan Neck

When the European towing bracket manufacturers such as Bosal and Brink (now Thule Towing Systems) began selling into Britain they introduced to the mass UK market swanneck towbars (either with a welded or bolt on neck)

The swanneck towbar is the norm in most continental European countries such as Germany, but every year they become more popular in the UK.

With a swanneck towbar instead of the neck of the towbar ending in a flange plate (to which a separate towball is bolted), the neck turns straight into the ball. Many people believe this is more aesthetically pleasing than the more common flange type, as usually the electrics are located on the main towbar out of normal view.

However they do have disadvantages in that traditional blade type stabilisers (Bulldog, Snakemaster etc) often require an expensive and intrusive adapter. Also bumper protector plates, tow steps and pins and balls etc cannot be fitted

When referring to a swanneck towbar we would not normally include detachable swanneck towbars, for more information please see our detachable towbars pages.




Detachable towbars sales grow in popularity year after year. They offer the best of both worlds: a car with a towbar when towing and a car without when not!

Untill recently 99.9% of detachable towbars have been detachable swanneck towbars, however Tow-Trust Towbars has introduced a range of flange detachable towbars, providing the versatility of both the flange and detachable systems. Witter Towing Systems have followed this lead and have launched a flange detachable towbar called "FlexTow".

They are also useful for cars fitted with reversing sensors (also know as PDC or parking distance control). This is because often with a flange or swanneck fixed in position they would be picked up by the sensors when not towing.

The design of the detachable towbar will vary depending on the towbar manufacturers and the vehicle it is fitting to. Some detachable towbars will have a non-visible bumper cut with the electrics on a swivel plate, while others may just show the electrics or a discrete module just visible below your bumper (if you look hard enough). We will be able to give advice on the best detachable for your vehicle.

We are able to offer you different alternatives from Westfalia Automotive, Tow-Trust Towbars, Witter Towbar Systems, PCT Automotive, Bosal, Thule Towing Systems (including Brink), GDW Towbars and Monoflex.

All swanneck detachable (not flange detachable) towbars come with the towball as standard as the ball is part of the neck these are designed to the make and model of vehicle.


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