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We are a 3rd generation, family run business, which was founded in 1957 by the current owners grandfather.  We cover all types of work from basic servicing, clutches, tyres, auto electrical repairs, air con to full engine rebuilds;  All of our technicians have many years of experience and take pride in their work, so you can have piece of mind while your vehicle is with us, our friendly staff welcome trade and retail consumers.


Servicing, Maintenance & MOT
Vehicle Recovery

Auto Electrical Services

At BBMF we specialise in auto electrical repairs, fault finding and installation. Our Lucas trained auto electrician is fully versed in the latest diagnostic equipment and has many years experience in this field. We offer a full fault finding and repair service, many of our regular customers include main dealers, independent garages and other government run bodies.

We can supply and fit

Hands Free Phone Kit

Alarms & Immobilisers

Parking Sensors & Central Locking

In Car Entertainment

Reversing Cameras

Emergency Light Bars & Beacons

Servicing, Maintenance & MOT

Servicing & Maintenance

At BBMF, we provide full, interim and major car servicing for customers in the Warrington, Cheshire and surrounding areas. We work on all makes and models of cars and vans, including light commercial vehicles providing affordable servicing for our customers. We’re a 3rd generation family run independent garage, which means our smaller team pay greater attention to detail, truly valuing every customer that comes through our door and dedicated to providing them with the best service we can offer.

A van or car service isn’t required by law like your MOT, and can often be avoided or put to the side as people don’t necessarily see the value in it. However, at BBMF we know that with regular servicing and maintenance of your vehicle, it can cost you less in the run long ensuring that your car stays on the road, runs efficiently and saves you money on major repairs and fuel. We offer different levels of servicing for our customers as every car is different, and every customer travels differently. We base our service levels on your mileage and will tailor your van or car service to your vehicle, following the manufacturers’ guidelines on your service schedule.

We offer high-quality levels of service, and our highly qualified team will ensure you that you’re leaving your car in safe hands when you come to BBMF. Our technicians and mechanics are experienced in working with any make or model of vehicle, and, should you need any repairs, we’ll always contact you first without steaming ahead and doing work you don’t approve. Our team are friendly and professional and will help guide you through your repairs process, and how much it will cost so there are no unexpected surprises when you to come to collect your car.

What we offer







Enhanced Diagnostic Reports - Code-Related Technical Service Bulletins - Repair Assist: Guided Procedures - Real-time Viewing of Live and Freeze Frame Data

Screeching sound while you apply the brake?  Vehicle drifting to one side while applying the brake?  Unresponsive or spongy brake pedal?

We will inspect:
Disc brakes - Callipers - Rotors - Master cylinder - Hoses - Pipes - Brake pads

For best practice and to keep your vehicle in ideal condition, we recommend you have exhaust system checked at least twice a year for cracks, leaking joints, broken hangers, worn rubber mountings, corrosion, failed gaskets and other damage or wear. After we have completed your inspection, we will provide you with a written report and a quote for any work which is required.

Car judder when pulling away?  Poor acceleration while you rev the car?  Difficult shifting of gears?  Clutch Feels spongy?  Vibrating or loose clutch pedal?  Unable to to depress the clutch pedal?

if you experience any of the above then book in with us as it could be that your clutch or one of the components is starting to fail.

Reasons to consider getting BBMF to check your vehicles battery:
Your car or van battery loses its charging capability over time!   On cold, frosty mornings, a fully charged battery loses around 35% of its power!   Battery failure is the number one reason for breakdowns in the UK!   It's free - book a time and date convenient for you at your local centre!

Checking the tyre tread depth is one of the essential points of a tyre check. As per UK laws, every car tyre must have a tread depth of at least 1.6 mm. But automobile experts suggest that tread depth should be at least 3mm to ensure proper performance in all road conditions.

Tyre rotation - Tyre supply - Seasonal re-fit - Locking wheel nut removal - Complete safety analysis - Tyre disposal - Puncture Repairs - Wheel Balancing



MOT stands for Ministry of Transport. This was the government department responsible for checking vehicle roadworthiness when the test was introduced in 1960.

The MOT test checks a range of car parts, from the braking and fuel system to the seatbelts, wipers, mirrors, lights and the exhaust.  It doesn't look at the condition of the engine, gearbox or clutch.  The exhaust emissions are also tested on most vehicles – if the emissions are too high, your vehicle will fail its MOT.

An MOT pass doesn't mean that your vehicle will be safe to drive for the life of the test certificate, and regular maintenance is still vital for the longevity of your vehicle

You can get an MOT up to a month (minus a day) before it runs out and keep the same renewal date, so if you are within this time frame give us a call to book your MOT.

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